How do I connect my phone and iVide Cooker?

You are just 6 easy steps away!

1. Choose which cooker you are using and press connect.

2. The app will detect the Wifi you are connected to; now enter your Wifi password and press confirm.

3. The app will search for your cooker; now hold down the Wifi button on the cooker until you hear three beeps. Now simply wait while your cooker configures itself.

4. Once the process is complete, you will see a popup confirming the cooker is ready for connection.

5. Make sure the cooker’s Wifi light has stopped flashing and press connect. See the on screen hints and tips if you need help.

6. Congratulations, your cooker is set up!

Enjoy your cooking!

Do not forget to watch the video on the home page of this site if you get stuck!


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